Why Am I So Threatening?

In Dublin Call Girl, rants on 2012/03/03 at 7:13 am

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The already legendary Dublin Call Girl has another fierce post up at her blog Secret Diary of a Dublin Call Girl. It’s a sad phenomenon all of us survivor activists experience.  Try to write one little ol’ blog, and organized troops of mean-spirited pimps, madams and Johns/punters attack, insult and try to undermine you.   Here’s an excerpt:

I have been getting …  hate mail from punters. They have left messages calling me a whore, a man hating slut, that the only job I could ever do is to fuck for money, that I’m a ‘fucking retard’… you get the picture. Poor men with their obvious crappy lives. I read the first line (or word, in some cases) and just delete and move on. It is saying something though, that punters are getting so defensive about what I say about my experience, that they resort to anonymous bullying tactics to hurt a girl that they don’t know, and who has been through more than they could ever imagine, and came out the other end. Usually when challenged punters just reassure themselves that the girls they were with seemed happy and continue. But this is vitriolic.

Why am I so threatening? If I was talking about any other job would I receive this amount of pure hatred? hardly. If prostitution is just ‘like any other job’ then surely I should be left in peace? People who don’t have a fucking notion what they are talking about often say that prostitution is better than working in Mc Donalds (I know, fucking rich kid privilege is sickening sometimes), yet if someone was writing about the terrible experiences they went through due to customers, employers, through exploitation etc, would they receive hate mail from the other employees stating how happy they are in their job in their branch of Mc Donalds and that I should stop spreading ‘lies’ about what it’s like to work for Mc Donalds?  Would they receive emails from customers calling them fucking retarded for working in the job in the first place? Chances are not. So stop calling it just a normal job just like any other thankyou very fucking much. I wouldn’t accept that description from another escort, (they wouldn’t even say that anyway) let alone some random dickhead punter sitting alone in his sitting room with his dick in his hand getting off on calling me a stupid whore.

I just want to clear a few things up.

I’m a girl who was involved in indoor prostitution over a period of four and a half years. Now I am recounting my story and experiences, and how I feel about those experiences. It has been a very cathartic and powerful thing to do, to know that people are reading my words, and 98% being fully supportive (strangers, as well, it’s pretty amazing that people actually care).

That is all I am. That Is all I am doing. I don’t apologise that I cannot be ‘objective’. Sexual abuse and what it leads to is unfortunately a very difficult subject to be objective about. I would challenge anyone who has been through what I have been through, to blame themselves, as some would like me to. It’s also extremely common in the sex industry. Accept it.

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