The Sneaky Language of the Sex Industry Lobby

In Dublin Call Girl, sex work on 2012/02/26 at 4:21 am

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The already legendary Dublin Call Girl has written a great post where she takes apart the ways a man from the sex industry lobby attacks her blog. She reveals the darkness of the sex industry, as well as the many ways the sex industry lobby tries to silence and intimidate survivors who speak out.    This commenter tries to link to pimp organizations, but he claims he’s a ‘sex worker.’  Of course, he blames her for any abuse she’s received.  Let’s put this in perspective.  Dublin Call Girl just started her blog a few months ago.  It’s a blog.  She doesn’t have a lot of political power, she’s just sharing her experiences.  But already sex industry supporters are targeted her with a viciousness.   Here’s an excerpt from her blog:

I received this comment earlier and let it become public just to show people how persuasive his argument could be interpreted. This will be the only pro sex work lobby comment that I’ll let hang around, I just wanted to show you how they will use language that seems to be about caring and support and all the rest, but all that shite only applies to right kind of hooker, the Belle du jours of the world. The one that wants to be there. The pro sex work lobby doesn’t care about the majority of prostitutes (who are pimped, trafficked, abused, drug addicted, poverty stricken). They only care about the happy ones. And if you’re not happy, well it’s your own fault, you really should have joined an organisation or gotten pepper spray, so enjoy that PTSD you’re going through, cos it’s all of your own doing.

Check out his complete and utter lack of compassion (or any evidence that he even read anything that I had written). I also love how he tried to link to a load of pimp organisations.

Below is the comment, and further below is my reply.

‘You certainly may not have enjoyed the chance to join a sex work academy like (deleted) or whore movement like (deleted) in order to learn the trix of the trade and prevent against abusive people. I believe the more society is condemning us and politics is fighting prostitution and safe workplaces where younger workers can learn from older ones or the madam, the more it will be unlikely to have support in cases of emergency or be empowered. Then more and more girls, boys or transsexuals again may follow your sad trait.

First of all you did not follow the principle prostitute rule to ‘not work when you not want to’. So possibly you made yourself unconsciously a victim or even attracted attackers or ‘ugly mugs’ as we call them.

Click here to read more of this fabulous post.

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