Methods of the Pimp-Mind

In prostitution, Rebecca Mott on 2012/02/25 at 7:23 am

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If the sex trade supporters were so sure that prostitution is non-violent and women-friendly – then their tactics would not be so personal and vicious.     — Rebecca Mott

Since we began this group blog of Survivors Connect writers two weeks ago, many of us have been barraged with abusive comments, emails, facebook posts, instant messaging and Skype calls.  The attacks are vicious and designed to scare us.  The creeps make it clear that they are from the sex industry lobby or that they are pimps or Johns.   It’s a potent reminder of how dark the sex industry, how willing it is to brutalize anyone who goes against its interests.

Rebecca Mott writes brilliantly of this in a new post on her blog titled Methods of a Pimp-Mind.  Here’s an excerpt:

Many of the ongoing attacks on our works are done from the mind-set of the pimp.

That mind-set is often voiced by women, or at least those who claimed to be women, obviously on the net I have no idea if they are or to be honest really give a damn.

A common and regular approach is to feigned concern for our mental welfare.

This is not because it is considered that the sex trade as an institution is built on destroying the mental welfare of the prostituted class, not because these attackers thinks living inside torture may affect the prostituted class.

No, instead they keep on the personal level, saying we must have major mental health issues or be too delicate/fragile to cope with prostitution, or now being in the outside world.

This is laughable – for I have never meet or know of an exited woman or the vast majority of prostituted women and girls who do not have a huge amount of inner strength and force of will.

It is not weakness or even the individual woman’s mental welfare that cause the violence that is the norm in all aspects of prostitution – it is the punters who makes the choice to be sadistic to the prostitute, it is the sex trade profiteers who makes the prostituted class so sub-human that all violence is acceptable, and it all those who turn a blind eye to destruction of the prostituted class.

To focus on the individual prostitute’s mental welfare is a distraction and used to say it is her fault, and make the male violence invisible.

But with the attackers it is always more vicious than that.

The reason they focus on an exited woman’s mental state – is to prove she is deluded, she cannot really know the truth.

It is to get evidence to show she must be a liar.

Now if the sex trade supporters were so sure that prostitution is non-violent and women-friendly – then their tactics would not be so personal and vicious.

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