Is Being a Call Girl the Same as a One Night Stand?

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Prostitution is not sex, nothing like what sex is to everyone else.  No one has sex with 4, 7, 10 or 12 people a day,.   All the same, people outside of prostitution equate it with their experiences of sex.  People begin to turn it into a sexual fantasy which has nothing to do with the reality.  For example, many of my Johns/punters would say to me “you couldn’t be anything else but a hooker.  You were born to do this.  Look at your ______ (fill in the blank, butt, boobs, ass, legs, etc.)  Well meaning people think that the worst thing about prostitution is  unattractive punters.  This is a bit like saying the Soviet gulag must have been a nightmare because there were no designer shoes.  And many people think it must be like a one night stand.  Not.

The fabulous Dublin Call Girl has a incisive new post on her blog entitled “The Difference Between a One Night Stand and an Escort.  Here’s an excerpt:

You fancy an orgasm. You cruise through the ads online, you pick one and you ring her. There is no answer. You go through five girls until one answers. You clear your browsing history. You generally say ‘Are you working?’ when she answers. You might ask her to wear the pink outfit she has on in her ad photos. You might make sure that there are no ‘extras’ (such as an extra 50 for anal, and that everything is included). You might ask her just to remind you what her ‘favourites’ are once more so you can quote them back to her if she ‘changes her mind’ when you arrive. You’re an experienced punter.

She’s free in an hour. You’re excited. You give your wife an excuse to leave the house.  You go to the ATM and take out about €200 (you booked for 30 minutes but upon seeing her you might go for the hour option instead). You arrive at her door in her apartment complex.

She is not the girl in the photos, but pretty enough and has made some attempt to wear the correct outfit. You can hear other noises and voices coming from another room but you ignore it. There is no conversation as either her English is so bad or she is pretending that it is. You hand her the cash and she gets down to work. You try to instruct her as best you can what to do/not to do. You finish up by coming on her stomach and leave.

Now can someone tell me what the similarities are between a one night stand and using a prostitute?

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